Unseen Lines

There are invisible lines in this town, that have been here for years, and many don't even known they exist.  To make it more confusing though, it's not just one set of lines, and it's not always based on geography. 

The Unhappy Citizens

Back in early March, a young friend of mine asked me what I knew about a group in town that wanted to recall the Mayor. At that point, I knew nothing at all about the group and their aims, but became interested in finding out more. It took a while but eventually I found the Facebook page for the group and was able to see what it was that they are trying to accomplish. Their first and primary goal is to have language added to the current town code to allow for the recall of an elected body within the town.

New Additions, etc.

I have been adding some listings here for local businesses, though there are many more to add (as I get to them). I will also be adding a section for links that are not tied to physical locations, but still may be of interest to our visitors here. And there's a new section under the Local History tab for Media From External Sources - a place where external files can be noted.

Some of the Obits from my Carroll County Genealogy site have been moved over, though there are lots of them still to go!

Baile Family

One of the early families in New Windsor was that of Peter Baile and his wife Mary Catherine Haines. As the story goes, Peter's parents died on their way to America in the 1750's leaving Peter and his older sister orphans. They were taken in by a family near New Windsor. Peter and his wife raised a large family and he was a very successful farmer in the Bowersox Road area outside of New Windsor.

Atlee Family

No discussion of the earliest families in New Windsor would be complete without talking about the Atlee Family, as it was Isaac Richardson Atlee that started the town when he decided that the crossroads of what are now High and Main looked like a likely place to set up a tavern for travelers.

Isaac was the son of Samuel John Atlee and Sarah Richardson, originallly from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and the grandson of William Atlee and Jane Alcock. Here's what the early line looks like:

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