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Unseen Lines

There are invisible lines in this town, that have been here for years, and many don't even known they exist.  To make it more confusing though, it's not just one set of lines, and it's not always based on geography. 

One of the lines is very definitely based on geography - a line between those who live in the older parts of town and those who live in the newer parts of town, such at Atlee Ridge or Blue Ridge Manor. In fact, there are apparently some in town who don't even consider those newer sections to be part of New  Windsor at all. Several years ago, when Lanny Mummert was brought in to be Town Manager, I had written an article, on an earlier version of this site, questioning why we needed a town manager. Apparently, my opinion did not sit too well with someone and I received a charming exposition, on highly perfumed paper, unsigned of course, in the mail, that made it all too clear that those of us who lived in Atlee Ridge were a blight on New Windsor and not really part of the town at all. Really? I wonder why I get a water bill then?

There is also, of course, the age line - if you weren't born here, you're not really from here, and it may not matter in the least if you live the rest of your life here. you're not really from here, dig? Actually, if you hang around long enough, eventually you may get past that border and, if you are persistent enough, may even make it into public office here. After all, former mayor Sam Pierce didn't grow up here but he did eventually become an elected official here in town. In fact, most of the current crop of elected officials in town are relative newcomers, but some of them do seem to make it sound like they've been here forever.

The funny thing is, most small towns have lines just like these and, after awhile, most folks learn how to deal with them. Most of the time, it's a matter of keeping your head down and avoiding confrontation, bearing in mind that most folks don't handle changes well. 

And then just to make things really interesting, a few years back, a number of issues of an underground newsletter were sent out anonymously to a number of folks around town. I don't know if anyone ever did figure who the source was for those, nor am I sure how many issues there actually were. I know of at least two issues, of which I only received one, so I have no idea how they decided who was to get a copy. The main thrust of the one I received seemed to be to take the Mayor and Council to task for what was viewed as some unnecessary spending, a valid concern to be sure. I think the very fact that an underground newsletter appeared tends to support the notion that a greater degree of open communication from the Town is needed here.

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