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New Windsor State Bank

New Windsor State Bank

The existing bank structure on the left was started in 1914 when the First National Bank of New Windsor was still in existence, being the third building of the bank since it was first started in the middle part of the 1800's. The building to the right served as the post office and a a drug store after the bank had moved to their newer building. About 1887, a bay window was added to the older building, but it was removed when the building was renovated years later. Interestingly, the bay window was originally built out as a rectangular bump-out, but was modified at some point to a triangular shape. A photo from 1968, when Don Elliott was the pharmacist, shows this later version of the window.

The original postmaster and druggist was Charles E. Norris. He was followed in 1885 by Louis H. Dielman, son of the hotel owner and music professor. A few sample of his patent bottles have survived, one of which is shown here.

In 1932, the modern day New Windsor State Bank came into being and moved into the marble-faced building. For many years, that building was the only structure for thebank, but as the years went by, they have expanded quite a bit and some years ago, they purchased the former pharmacy/bank structure next door, performing a renovation to restore it to its former state. An inner doorway connects the two buildings inside and the outside doorways in the older bulding have been disabled.

A newspaper article from October 9, 1931 discusses the closing of the First National Bank:

New Windsor Natoinal Bank Closes TIs Doors

The First National Bank of New Windsor was voluntarily closed Friday morning last week and turned over to State Banking Commissioner, J. W. Page, by action of the board of directors. This is one of the oldest banks in Carrol county, having been founded before the Civil War and has withstood many vicissitudes of fortune. At one time, in 1878, it was robbed of all cash on hand.

Decision to close the institution was made at a meeting of the directors on Thursday previous. There had been no run no the bank but the action was resolved upon in order to protect the interests of depostiors. It is the only bank in New Windsor. The late Nathan H. Baile was president and cashier for many years. J. Walter Getty is president and John Smith Baile cashier at this time.

Unless the bank was robbed in 1878 as well as in 1869, there appaers to be an error in the article regarding the robbery, though it is quite possible that the old bank was robbed more than once.

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