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Joseph Stouffer House: 404 High Street

Joseph A. Stouffer House

Joseph Stouffer, the cashier at the Bank before Nathan Baile, bought his lot on High Street in March 1862 and had his large house built but he turned around and sold it two years later to Josiah Geiger, owner for a time of the building at 142 Church Street, running into financial trouble soon after.

Joseph A. Stouffer was the son of Joseph Stouffer and Eliza Englar. He married Elizabeth Adelia Ecker in 1862 in January. As his first child was born in 1864, perhaps he sold the house on High street to make room for his soon to be growing family, or perhaps to save money because of his growing family. 

Josiah Geiger was married to Deborah Cassell, daughter of David and Elizabeth (Roop) Cassell on Wednesday May 7th, 1862, but he was a widower a few years later, Deborah dying May 12th, 1863. Though he apparently remarried, I do not yet know who his second wife was. The notes of the Maryland Historical Trust say thhat he moved to Missouri by 1866, but James Lantz mentions his death in 1884 (though that could have been news coming from a distance)1

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