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Brownie's Corner

Brownie's Corner

Once the popular hangout for the neighborhood youngsters from the 1920's until the 1950's, this corner was the original site of the town fountain (now re-located to the town park at the corner of Main and Rte. 75). For many years, it was the only source of water in town until running water came to town in 1908.

Brownie's Corner was Lot#8, purchased in 1087 by Richard Coale. In the mid to late part of the 1800's, Dr. J. F. Buffington had his offices and a pharmacy in the building, at which point it was known as Buffington's Corner. In the early part of the 20th century, it was known as Brownie's corner and contained a luncheonette.

Sadly, it is now in dangerously poor condition and has probably gone beyond the point of an effective restoration. Local gossip suggests that the owner held onto the property in the hopes that the state would widen the road at the corner and pay him handsomely for his piece of it, but that has not come to pass since it was decided a few years back to built an extension to bypass the tightness of the corner.

Every few years, the town has gotten on the owner to fix it up, and his usual response has been to slap a bit of paint on at least part of the building and let it go at that - sometimes the paint hasn't even covered the whole front. As of today (5/3/2012) there is a condemnation notice on the front door and a sign noting that interested parties can make an offer.

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