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Ark Store

Ark Store

Sitting at the corner of High and Main, the store was so-named because it was said to carry two of everything from A to Z. This was Lot #22, purchased in 1796 by Daniel Stoner, and a store was erected here in 1798. It was sold in 1801 to John Dagen, a merchant and apparently related to the Stoners. Dagen operated a store here until 1821 at which point it was purchased by William Pole. Pole had most likely been renting the property out as the advertisement offering it for sale mentions that it is currently occupied by Mr. J. Barthlow.

Samuel Hoffman purchased the property and installed Ezra Stouffer to run it until 1870. At the time of the Civil War, when General Johnson used Daniel Stouffer's house for his headquarters, Daniel was running a store in at 209-211 Main Street, and Mrs. Stouffer's pre-war connection to General Johnson prevented Daniel's store from being looted, but Ezra, his cousin, did not enjoy the same privilege.

Hoffman sold the store in 1870 and it was taken over by Jesse Lambert, at which point it became known as the Ark Store, though its real name was Lambert and Erhard.

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