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205 Main Street

First Bank Site

This tiny little building was the site of New Windsor's first bank, named appropriately, the First National Bank of New Windsor. Chartered in 1860, the bank suffered a robbery in 1869, causing quite a bit of excitement in town. Apparently, at the time, the second floor of the building was unoccupied and the robbers made their access through a second story window. There's a bit of a discrepancy in the various accounts about how much was actually stolen and in what sort of breakdown - Thomas J. Scharff said it was $100K, F. J. Devilbiss said $130K, with $10K in cash, but in his Journal, Nathan Baile, who was an employee of the bank at the time, said it was $122 in securities and $8K in cash. Since he was there and the others weren't, I'll trust his figures.

In 1878, the Bank moved 2 doors down to a new facility, and George Gitt opened a jewelry store in the Bank's former quarters. It is now a private residence.

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