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2012-03 Minutes Town Council Meeting


Minutes – Town Council Meeting
March 7, 2012
Present: Mayor Roop, Council Members, Ed Palsgrove, Kimberlee Schultz, Sam Pierce and Kevin Null. Councilman Farkas not present. Also present was Town Attorney, Michelle Ostrander, Town Clerk, Donna Alban and Town Manager, Frank Schaeffer. There were 80 others in attendance.
Call to Order: Mayor Roop called the regular Town Council meeting to Order at 7:00 p.m.
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mayor Roop.
A moment of silence in remembrance of former Mayor Jim Carlisle’s passing.
Recording and Agenda Policies: Mayor Roop stated that the Town Meeting is recorded by electronic means and that the meeting will follow an Agenda. Anyone who wished to have a matter placed on the Agenda needed to submit the topic to the Mayor in writing by the last Wednesday of the month, by the close of the business day, which is 3:00 p.m.
These items will be reviewed for approval.
Previous Meeting Minutes: Councilman Null made a motion to approve minutes from the February 1, 2012 meeting. Motion was 2nd by Councilman Pierce and approved 4-0.
Committee Reports:
Public Works – Councilman Farkas - absent
Mayor added no response from the State on our request for sidewalk funding if Lehigh donates the cement for the project. 
Water & Sewer – Councilman Palsgrove
At the WWTP, there are a few glitches that Whiting-Turner is working on.
Public Safety –   Councilman Null
Planning Commission met last month –received an update report from the County, developer on Snader’s Summit project was in attendance to provide status of project. Our engineer, GMB is reviewing the updates that were requested to the plan 
Deferred to Cpl Tausen for his report 
Economic Development – Councilwoman Schultz
Still waiting to hear from Endangered Maryland about the application submitted on the Dielman Inn property 
In attendance, Galen Roop, realtor for the Inn, he has been actively showing the property, taken some contractors through it. He will be holding an Open House with the date to be provided later. 
Community Enhancement – Councilman Pierce
Still working on getting cost information on the banner replacement 
Lions Park will be getting improvements on the playground area. Some pieces have been removed by Public Works for safety issues 
Mayor’s Report:
A Thank You to Carrie Knauer, CC Times reporter for her excellent article on the Bay Restoration Fund. 
2/9/12 he represented the Town at the memorial service for former Mayor, Jim Carlisle 
2/14/12 he testified before the Senate on the flush tax issue 
2/15/12 he testified before the House on the flush tax, while waiting to speak he had lengthy conversations with Jag Khuman of MDE and Dr. Robert Summers of MDE. Senator Maggie McIntosh will schedule a meeting with the Town, a representative from Governors office, and a representative from MDE about this topic on 2/28/12 along with the Town Manager he met with Senator McIntosh and a representative from MDE. She hears our concerns and will try to do something to help us.
2/22/12, met the Lehigh to confirm the weather station at the Waste Water Treatment Plant. The Town has requested water rights to the quarry be put in the form a letter. The Mayor requested a Work Session with Lehigh on April 18, 2012, from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., residents are encouraged to attend. 
2/23/12 met with Chief Tom Coe of New Windsor, Union Bridge Chief Green and Scott Campbell to discuss the topic on fire and safety issues if Lehigh goes with the conveyor system 
Community Deputy: - Cpl. Tausen
Handled 141 incidents for the month of February 
Breaking and entering in Jo Apter – arrest made 
2 thefts – Brethren Service Center and lower end of Church St 
Encourages those that are using Face book please let him know if there is anything being discussed on there that the Sheriff’s department should know about 
14 suspicious vehicle calls 
West Carroll Recreation: Representative, Lora Jones
Football and cheer registration is beginning this weekend. 
WCRC started an informational only Face book page this week 
WCRC requests permission to place signs – referred her to Dale Gray, zoning administrator 
Councilman Null would like her to find out if the upper field at the New Windsor Middle School is available on 4/7/12 for the Lion’s Club Easter Egg Hunt 
Fire Chief Report:  Chief Tom Coe
34 Fire Calls in February, 33 on the EMS side 
At the 64th Annual banquet for the Fire Company they installed officers and recognized several members for outstanding service. He recognized the following that were in attendance at the Town Council meeting tonight – Marcie Munshaur for 1500 responses and Dale Lowman and Ronnie Warehime for 3,250 responses Drew Strine for 35 yrs of membership, Wayne Blacksten for 40 years and Mayor Roop for 25 years 
Town Manager Report:
Thank you letter from New Windsor Lion’s Club for donation in memory of former Mayor, Jim Carlisle 
Coe Drive and Main St. pumping stations – Won’t know whether we have loan money until the State sets their budget
Lagoon remediation - Approval has been received from MDE to allow a discharge from the lagoon to lower the water level in the lagoon as a preliminary step to complete dewatering the lagoon and removing the sludge. MDE has submitted a proposal to measure and sample the sludge to provide an accurate estimate of the amount of sludge in the lagoon as well as it’s composition. This is necessary to prepare the RFP for removal and disposal of the sludge. The goal is to have the RFP out by mid-year. 
Town Clean up day – This will be April 28th, which will also be bulk waste day. A list of clean-up projects is being developed. Various organizations will be solicited and will be able to pick one of the projects to perform. 
Water Tank Painting and Refurbishment   The 60% drawings were submitted
to MDE – comments have been received and the Town engineer has already responded.  A field meeting was held with the various cell phone carriers.  They will need to remove their antennas from the standpipe during painting.  The possibility of relocating the antennas to the new pedestal tank, rather than putting them back on the old tank was brought up.  This idea is still being evaluated.  The goal is to have the project out to bid by the end of the month.
Yard Waste – begins on April 3rd. Will continue the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month. 
Snader’s Summit: The developer has agreed to fund the completion of a hydraulic model by the Town. The model will assure the project has adequate water flow under various conditions. The Town engineer, GMB is performing that work. 
WWRC: By 2017 the Town will have requirements to reduce storm water runoff. 
Waste Collection and Recycling: Waste collection and recycling, annual budget at $75,000.00 is the largest single line item in the Public Works budget. The residents are doing very well at recycling with a nearly 32% rate. Bins are still available and can be handed out on Clean-up day. It looks like waste collection will be about $2,000.00 over budget this year. With anticipated rate increased, the budget for collection and recycling will need to increase by $4,000.00 in the next fiscal year. 
Residents Concerns:
Dale Lowman – 309 Main Street – Dielman Inn – Is the Town trying to get it put on the national historical district list? Answer – No – Endangered Maryland list only 
Doris Pierce – 120 Water Street – spoke regarding support for the Mayor and Council and encouraged the group taking charge of the recall ordinance to do their homework, speak to the Mayor and Council and find out the facts. 
Daniel Ely – 4300 Atlee Ridge Road – Had questions about the budget, Dielman Inn, Lehigh and Siebel fields 
Jeanne Laudermilch – 312 High Street – Thank you to the Mayor, Council and staff for keeping residents well informed on Town issues. 
Gary Wingate – 2823 Graybill Court – submitted questions on the budget Questions will be viewed and answered. Answers to be put in the next Town newsletter and posted on the Town website. 
Tom Gubernatis – 3187 Vista Court – submitted questions regarding Dielman Inn – Questions will be viewed and answers put in newsletter and published on Town website. 
Dawn Gubernatis – 3187 Vista Court – spoke regarding Recall being introduced as a Charter Amendment – Town Council did not make a motion to introduce this. 
New Windsor Lion’s Club Easter Egg Hunt – 4/7/12 at New Windsor Middle School 
New Windsor Lion’s Club Blood Drive – 3/29/12 at Windsor Station 
Last New Windsor Volunteer Fire Dept. breakfast on April 1st. 
No other business to discuss, a Motion to adjourn by Councilman Null, it was 2nd and approved. 4-0
Respectfully submitted,
Donna E Alban
Town Clerk

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