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2012-02 Minutes Town Council Meeting


Minutes – Town Council Meeting
February 1, 2012
Present: Mayor Roop, Council Members Steve Farkas, Ed Palsgrove, Kimberlee Schultz, Sam Pierce and Kevin Null. Also present was Town Attorney, Michelle Ostrander, Town Clerk, Donna Alban and Town Manager, Frank Schaeffer. There were 10 others in attendance.
Call to Order: Mayor Roop called the regular Town Council meeting to Order at 7:00 p.m.
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mayor Roop.
Recording and Agenda Policies: Mayor Roop stated that the Town Meeting is recorded by electronic means and that the meeting will follow an Agenda. Anyone who wished to have a matter placed on the Agenda needed to submit the topic to the Mayor in writing by the last Wednesday of the month, by the close of the business day, which is 3:00 p.m.
These items will be reviewed for approval.
Previous Meeting Minutes: Councilman Null made a motion to approve minutes from the January 4, 2012 meeting. Motion was 2nd by Councilman Pierce and approved 5-0.
Committee Reports:
Public Works – Councilman Farkas
Light outages are being addressed 
Recycling percentage is about 31 – 32% 
Snow budget is good for now - $500.00 spent so far 
Mayor added it is greatly appreciated in keeping your vehicles off street for easier plowing by PW department 
Mayor added our request for sidewalk funding was turned down, the Town submitted another letter indicating Lehigh will donate the cement for the project but as of this date, no response from the State. 
Water & Sewer – Councilman Palsgrove
Jack Coe reported operations are functioning smoothly at the WWTP, water systems running w/o problems 
Mayor attended a meeting and spoke with several Delegates and Senators on the bay restoration bill currently being reviewed. At this time, in its present form they seem to be of the opinion, the bill will not pass. The unfairness in the larger municipalities receiving funds from the Bay restoration is still being addressed. The response letter from Dr. Summers of MDE stated that small municipalities such as New Windsor may be eligible after this session in Annapolis. 
Public Safety –   Councilman Null
Planning Commission met last month – took care of some housekeeping issues, received an update report from the County, waiting on comments from Town Engineer on Snader’s Summit project 
Deferred to Cpl Tausen for his report 
Economic Development – Councilwoman Schultz
Still waiting to hear from Endangered Maryland about the application submitted on the Dielman Inn property 
Mayor added that the Town is going to be signing a contract with Long and Foster. Agent met last week with the Town and will be very aggressive in trying to find an interest in the property 
Community Enhancement – Councilman Pierce
The replacement of the banners on the poles through Town is progressing, getting cost information now 
Yard waste is done for now,  dates on the restart of that will be upcoming 
Mayor added that a Community Cleanup day is being organized 
Community Deputy: - Cpl. Tausen
Handled 160 incidents for the month of January 
Assault in Jo Apter 
3 domestic assault calls 
Harassment calls 
6 suspicious vehicle calls 
Resident asked what constituted the 160 calls. Reply from Cpl. Tausen that is public information and residents can call the office anytime and he can relate that information
West Carroll Recreation: Representative, Lora Jones
Registration for baseball , rugby and lacrosse are still in progress 
Heather McKenzie new liaison for Union Bridge 
Fire Chief Report:
Chief Tom Coe –  not present
   Pancake breakfast at Windsor Station, this Sunday
Town Manager Report:
Lehigh -  Flood Insurance Rate Map letter was prepared and forwarded to CLSI 
Lehigh also requested to place an air monitor and weather station at the WWTP plant. The monitor will establish ambient air quality in the area of the quarry and the Town. Lehigh will bear all costs associated with installation and operation of the station 
  Coe Drive and Main St. pumping stations –   An application for MDE loan for
the construction of the pumping stations was submitted.  MDE has approved the
plans and issued the permits for the construction of the stations.  The permits are
only valid for 3 years so construction needs to begin prior to March of 2014.
Lagoon remediation - GMB is drafting a proposal to develop an RFP to de water the lagoon, dispose of the sludge and perform preliminary grading and provide remediation as the first step in converting the lagoon to ball fields. The concept is to do the project in the nature of a design/build where the selected contractor will develop the final plans, obtain the permits and complete the work 
Snader’s Summit – CLSI has submitted revised plans addressing the earlier comments. The revised plans have been forwarded to GMB for further review and comments are expected within 30 days. The Town will be completing a water modeling to assure the project has adequate water flow under various scenarios. 
WWTP discharge permit –   renewal application was submitted to MDE 
Control Systems 21 – Dennings, Main Spring and Chlorine Tank proposal being developed for a radio relay system 
  Water Tank Painting and Refurbishment   The 60% drawings were rec’d from
GMB and for Town review.  The review will be completed in about 2 weeks.  The
project is on schedule for bidding and award this summer
ユ  Letter writing campaign – Residents letter which were rec’d at Town Office
were copied and forwarded to State Officials   Responses were prepared and sent
to several residents that had questions after they rec’d a response letter from Dr.
Summers.  No response yet from the letter the Mayor sent to Dr. Summers.
Water bill re-reads: Number of residents has been asking for re-reads which the Town is happy to do. We have found the readings to be accurate. 
Residents Concerns:
Dan Ely –
1.Lehigh ambient air monitor – Why are they putting it in? – Town Manager stated the monitor will collect data about the ambient air that is needed as part of the permitting process. He can’t speak for Lehigh on what phase they are at in their project. 
2.Did the Town comment on the Army Corps of Engineer work for Lehigh involving Dickerson Run & Five Daughters? Lehigh did a presentation to the Town Council in April 2011. Lehigh also held a public meeting in New Windsor in July, 2011 as part of the County review process. Based on the information presented and reviewed at these meetings the Council felt there is an extensive review process in place at several levels, with multiple agencies with qualified review staff that adequately reviews for the interests of the Town. The Army Corps of Engineer permit is part of that process. 
3.Has the Town looked into subsidizing the Enterprise Fund through the General Fund by raising taxes? Town Manager spoke to Town Audit company. Accounting principles allow the transfer of tax revenues from the general fund to an enterprise fund. It does cause some issues with the transparencies of the fund and makes it more difficult to establish what the true operating costs of the enterprise fund are. Also since the enterprise fund works on a fee for service basis and taxes are 
an assessment against a property value there a potential that charges may not be equitable.
Charter Amendment – Section C7-23 – purchases and contracts – Town Attorney stated this is an updated version of purchasing and contracts Motion – Councilman Null motioned to approve this Charter Amendment Resolution No. 02-01-12. 2nd Councilman Palsgrove and approved 5-0.
Guidelines for purchasing – Resolution No. 02-01-2012-02 – Motion –
Councilman Null, 2nd Councilman Palsgrove – approved 5-0 FY2012 update – Thru January 30, 2012
General Fund has received about 70% of revenue thus far and expenses are in line with the budget 
Enterprise Fund has received 66% of revenue thus far, expenses are about 25% of the budget so far , with a few line items under budget. The 1st payment made yesterday on the WWTP plant loan. 
Dave Wallace – Introduced by Mayor and Mr. Wallace spoke briefly to state he is running for Congress in the 8th Congressional district, would like support of New Windsor voters 
No other business to discuss, a Motion to adjourn by Councilman Pierce, it was 2nd and approved. 5-0
Respectfully submitted,
Donna E Alban
Town Clerk

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