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2012-01 Minutes Council Work Session


Minutes - Council Work Session
January 18, 2012
Mayor Neal Roop called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
Present: Council members – Kimberlee Schultz, Ed Palsgrove, Kevin Null, Sam Pierce, Town Manager Frank Schaeffer, Town Attorney, Michelle Ostrander, Water/Sewer Contractor, Jack Coe and Town Clerk, Donna Alban.
Lehigh Flood Plain: Town Manager Schaeffer introduced Linda from CLSI. Lehigh is working on their rail spur and need a revision to the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM). Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) needs a letter from New Windsor stating that the requested revision has been reviewed by the Town and the Town understands the effect of the revision on flooding in the community. Town Attorney will do letter.
Purchasing Code Amendment: Town Attorney stated there are a couple of issues with the language currently in the Code for purchasing. Town Manager did a draft for purchasing guidelines for in house policies. Town Attorney prepared charter amendment resolution. Discussion resulted with some changes being suggested to Resolution that Town attorney will incorporate into it and have it prepared for presentation at the February Town Council meeting.
Face book page: Councilwoman Schultz will do more research. Mayor will contact Vo-Tech for student help. Town Manager will speak with Mike Fell from CMC about the possibility of co-coordinating with them on a page
Council comments:
ユ Palsgrove - What is the status on the New Windsor Heights PWA? - Town Manager received an inquiry asking about hookup fees and he told that person that New Windsor Heights is in default. Town Attorney and Town Manager will put together a letter to Mr. Boner at Mason-Dixon Builders.
White Property - Town Attorney attend the Court date, goal is to get a consent order for either rehab or demolitions, County has given the Whites 90 days, at the end of that period the building needs to be fixed or sold, otherwise the County may tear it down. 
Pierce – Light at the Town shop is out, Town Manager has contacted Wantz Electric 
Timer at tennis courts needs to be changed for winter hours 
Some residents have received a response letter for MDE about the WWTP and have been emailing Town Manager. He has been going back and forth with them answering questions 
Schultz –
Cat situation – The property on Green Valley Rd. that was housing a colony of cats. What is being done on that? If we cannot get any satisfaction from the Humane Society, Town Manager feels that the best resolve for the Town is to declare it a nuisance. 
Did we decide on a date for July Town Council meeting? - July 16th, the June meeting will be on the 13th 
Mayor –
MML dinner – New Windsor is hosting – it was decided to have it at Windsor Station, March 8th. Social hour at 6:00, dinner at 6:30 
Dielman Inn – since yearly deadline is fast approaching is the Council okay with contacting Galen Roop of Long and Foster to broker the listing? Yes. 
Requested Town Manager to schedule curb painting for spring 
Schedule a clean-up day in May prior to the carnival 
With no further business to discuss, a motion was made by Councilman Pierce at 8:30 to adjourn, it was 2nd and approved 4-0.
Respectfully submitted,
Donna Alban, Clerk

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