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2002-08 Council Minutes


Town Council Meeting - August 7, 2002
Approved September 5, 2002
Present: Mayor Sam Pierce, Council Members Ed Palsgrove, Ronnie Blacksten, Neal Roop and Terry Petry, Acting Town Clerk Cindy Welker. There were 38 people in attendance.
Call to Order: Mayor Pierce called the August 7, 2002 Monthly Town Council Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. He then led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Recording and Agenda Policies: Mayor Pierce stated that the Town Meeting is recorded by electronic means and that the meeting will follow an Agenda. Anyone who wished to have a matter placed on the Agenda needs to submit the topic to the Mayor in writing by the last Wednesday of the month by the close of the business day, which is 3:00 p.m. These items will be reviewed for approval.
Previous Meeting Minutes: A motion to accept the July 2, 2002 minutes was made by Councilman Roop and seconded by Councilman Blacksten. Motion passed 4-0.
Mayor's Report: The Mayor's first item was to announce that the Town would be using a new recording system that was all computerized. It would be recorded on the laptop computer that the Town already owned.
The Mayor's next item was an update on the Blue Ridge Manor Phase 2B. He stated that the plans and specifications have been signed by all parties and will be proceeding. He stated that the Town has received nothing in the way of drawings for the booster pump station. It has been another month and there has been no further progress on this.
He than stated that in conjunction with Phase 2B, the Town Attorney, Michelle, prepared a statement for all new home owners to sign. This document has been given to the developer. It states that when a house is sold, the developer must have this signed by the new homeowners and submit it with his building permit.
Committee Reports:
Public Works - Councilman Palsgrove stated that he did not have anything to report, but wanted to state that he attended a Concurrency Management Meeting that was held at the invitation of the County Commissioners. He stated that Mr. Frank Johnson, from Mt. Airy Town Council, was present and would be giving more information on this matter.
Public Safety - Councilman Blacksten stated that the resident trooper has been running a good bit of radar throughout the Town. Mayor Pierce introduced Trooper Frank Childress to anyone present that did not know Trooper Childress. He stated that if there was a non-emergency they could leave a message on Trooper Childress' voice mail.
Concurrency Management: Mayor Pierce introduced Mr. Frank Johnson; from Mt. Airy Town Council. He stated that Mr. Johnson was the president of the Mt. Airy Council. Frank stated that the Council members had a copy of a draft concerning the Concurrency Management. Frank was here tonight to ask for support from the New Windsor Town Council for the letter.
Frank summarized the letter for the Council. He stated that it was mainly concerned with smart growth. Another concern was control of growth in the town. He stated that this would impact the roads, schools, etc. He stated that not every town had the same growth problems. He than proceeded with the provisions of the letter and explained what was meant by each one. He stated that the first step would be to develop a good database of the growth of the County.
Frank felt that it was important for all the Towns to stick together as one. He felt it would have more of an impact if the Towns joined together as opposed to being individual.
He stated that there would be a meeting in Westminster on August 20, 2002. He hoped that the Town would support the letter and would send someone to sign the letter at the meeting. Frank informed the Council of the different Towns that were in favor of the draft letter, which were many of them.
Councilman Palsgrove stated that he found it interesting to him that the County issues more permits than the combined Towns do. So he felt that it was really the County that is a big player in all of this. He stated that the County was asked for data on exactly how many permits they issue, but that information was not available at that meeting.
Mayor Pierce asked the Council what their feel was on the draft letter. Councilman Blacksten asked Frank if he had gotten any feedback from the County Commissioners. Frank stated that Commissioner Gouge was very supportive of this issue and that Commissioner Frazier has indicated that she felt it was a good basis to begin working on the problem.
A motion to support the intent of the letter was made by Councilman Roop and seconded by Councilman Palsgrove. Motion passed 4-0.
Zoning Administrator: Mayor Pierce stated that the Town has not had a zoning administrator for the past year. He recommended to the Council for the appointment of Mr. Kevin Null. Mayor Pierce gave some background on Kevin.
A motion to accept Kevin as the New Windsor Town Zoning Administrator was made by Councilman Palsgrove and seconded by Councilman Roop. Motion passed 4-0.
Code Enforcer: Mayor Pierce read a resolution to the Council for a Code Enforcer. It stated that Trooper Frank Childress would serve as the Town's Code Enforcer.
A motion to adopt Resolution 08-01-02 was made by Councilman Blacksten and seconded by Councilman Petry. Motion passed 4-0
Water Task Force: Councilman Petry stated that the Council needed to accept the Water System Improvement Plan, which was developed by ARRO. He stated that it details the capital projects that the Town would be looking into completing.
A motion was made to accept the Water System Improvement Plan by Councilman Petry and seconded by Councilman Palsgrove. Motion passed 4-0.
Next Councilman Petry stated that the Council needed to set a Public Hearing date for the new water rate structure. He stated that he would not give a lot of detail, that the information would be going out in the next Town newsletter, which would be the first of next week. The date of September 4, 2002 at 7:00 p.m. was set for the Public Hearing. A motion to accept this date for the Public Hearing was made by Councilman Petry and seconded by Councilman Roop. Motion passed 4-0.
The last item Councilman Petry brought to the Council's attention was a resolution to approve funding for two engineering and one-construction projects. This would get the engineering started on the water tank replacement so when the Town is ready to go for the funding the engineering part is done and will make everything a lot easier and quicker. He stated that Joe Moss had submitted a proposal for the cost.
A motion to accept Resolution 08-02-02 was made by Councilman Roop and seconded by Councilman Palsgrove. Motion passed 4-0.
Mr. Patrick Burke asked if the residents could have the terms for the loan. Mr. Tom Devilbiss gave details on the terms of the loan.
Resident's Concerns:
Jody Sutherland - Mrs. Sutherland had several concerns with the property located at 132 Church Street, the old hardware store. She just wanted to know the status of this property. Mayor Pierce stated that demolition could be done without a permit, but no construction. He than went on to update the residents on this property. He stated that the permits would be turned over to Kevin, the new Zoning Administrator for approval. Mayor Pierce stated that there have been no permits issued at this time. He further stated that the County is aware of the situation and will be checking on the construction of this property.
Councilman Petry stated that if the owner met the Town Code, then the Council could do nothing to stop any construction.
Steve Farkas - Was wondering the status of the reduce speed sign as you come into New Windsor. Mayor Pierce stated that the State would be doing testing to determine whether these roads need signs. Mr. Farkas would like to be notified as to when this meeting with the SHA will be so he could attend.
Sharon Nobles - Her first concern was she was wondering when the August newsletter would be going out. Mayor Pierce informed her next week.
Second was that she was wondering if the water rate could be outlined tonight. Councilman Petry stated that all the information would be outlined in the August newsletter.
Third, she wanted clarification on the time of the Public Hearing, which was told to her that it would begin at 7:00 p.m.
Ken Keller - His concern was to the timeframe that the booster pump station needed to be completed. Mayor Pierce stated that when the two PWAs are signed the time begins. Mayor Pierce stated that an agreement has been signed as to a letter of intent.
Announcements: Mayor Pierce informed the residents that the New Windsor Web page is being updated more frequently now. He hopes to put the approved minutes on the web page.
He stated that the primary election was coming up in September and urged the residents to attend the forums.
Councilman Roop announced that there was a vacancy on the Council. It was originally Councilman's Garver seat and then Councilman Gullo's. This term expires May 2003. Mayor Pierce stated that if anyone was interested in filling this seat, they needed to address a letter to the Mayor for consideration. He than stated that this person needed to be approved by a majority of the remaining Council Members.
Next Councilman Roop stated that the County Commissioners approved to accept the entire property, the Old New Windsor Middle School, and agreed to send a letter to the Public Works Department for their plans to transfer parcel "D" to the Town of New Windsor for the Town to deed it over to the Fire Company. Mayor Pierce stated that there would be further discussion on this at a later date.
Next Town Council Meeting will follow the 7:00 p.m. Public Hearing on September 4, 2002 in the New Windsor Fire Hall.
Next Council Work Session will be held August 19, 2002 in the New Windsor Town Hall.
Adjournment: With no other business before the Council, Councilman Roop made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Councilman Petry seconded. Motion passed 4-0.
Cindy L. Welker
Acting Town Clerk

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