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2002-02 Council Minutes


Town Council Meeting - February 6, 2002
Present: Mayor Sam Pierce, Council Members Neal Roop, Ed Palsgrove, Terry Petry and Jay Gullo, Town Attorney Michelle Ostrander and Town Clerk Cindy Welker. There were 35 people in attendance.
Public Hearing for Annexation for New Windsor Heights: Mayor Pierce announced before starting with the regular Monthly Meeting, there was going to be a Public Hearing on two parcels to be annexed adjacent to the New Windsor eights Development. He then turned it over to Attorney Michelle Ostrander. Michelle announced that the advertisement for this annexation was run in the Carroll County Times beginning the week of December 25, 2001 and ending the week of January 16, 2002. The information was also sent to the State Office of Planning and Baltimore Metropolitan Council. There was a Hearing before the Carroll County Planning Commission. This committee had a few discrepancies and tabled the annexation for additional consideration. With no comments or concerns from the audience or the Council, Michelle announced that it would stay open for 10 days after this hearing. She than declared the Public Hearing closed.
Call to Order: Mayor Pierce called the February 6, 2002 Town Meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. Mayor Pierce then led the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Recording and Agenda Policies: Mayor Pierce stated that the Town Meeting is recorded by electronic means, and that the meeting will follow an Agenda Anyone who wishes to have a matter placed on the Agenda needs to submit the topic to the Mayor in writing by the last Wednesday of the month.
Previous Meeting Minutes: A motion to accept the November 7, 2001 was made by Councilman Gullo and seconded by Councilman Roop. Motion passed 4-0. A motion to accept the January 2, 2002 minutes was made by Councilman Gullo and seconded by Councilman Roop. Motion passed 4-0.
Low Water Pressure in Blue Rides Manor Development: Mr. Mel Schneider and Mr. Erich Boner gave a presentation on a booster pump system. Mr. Schneider had diagrams showing the difference as to where the pressure would be with an individual booster pump in the houses or if a booster pumps system was joined at the 10’ line. There would be two booster pumps installed with space for a third if needed. These would be variable speed pumps. This system would service the 87 houses in Blue Ridge Manor, 88 units that are proposed for New Windsor Heights Development. Mr. Schneider asked the Council to give them a green light to proceed. Councilman Gullo moved that the Town Council approve the concept that was presented by New Windsor Partnership and proceed, instructing the Town engineer to provide whatever specifications the Town is going to need to safe guard the Town’s interest and the cost for that be paid for by the Town and those specifications be provided to the developer to design this pump. From that point on, the developer has to provide engineering drawings to the Town and the Town’s engineer has to review the drawings, just like ever other project, subject to their review, they are then turned back over to the developer to construct, at their expense. During the construction time, they are inspected by the Town’s engineer and after construction adequate security is placed, guaranteeing the proper functioning for over a period of time and that this entire agreement be evidence by a Public Works Agreement (PWA) between the Town, the developers of Blue Ridge Manor and the developers of New Windsor Heights because they are all going to pay for it and they are all going to be effected by it. Councilman Palsgrove seconded the motion. Motion passed 4-0.
Youth Council: Mayor Pierce turned the meeting over to Councilman Roop to explain about the Youth Council that is being formed in New Windsor. Councilman Roop stated that this council was for Middle and High School students. There was a meeting Monday night, February 4, 2002 and the next meeting will be March 14, 2002 at 7:00 p.m. The youth will be able to express their views at this meeting. They will be able to give ideas on what the youth in the Town of New Windsor can do for recreation in town. Councilman Roop asked for the support of the Town Council. Councilman Roop stated that this Council would be run by the youth with adult supervision. There will be fliers sent out; information will be placed in the Town Newsletter and or the Town’s Web Page and on Channel 19. So if you want to find out more about the Youth Council of New Windsor, these are some places you can check out.
The only resident concern tonight was the announcement that today was Mayor Pierce’s birthday. His wife, Doris, announced this. She stated that there was cake and punch for the people present to celebrate his birthday.
Missing Public Records: Mayor Pierce stated that the Town Records from the time the Town was formed until 1930 could not be located. He asked that if anyone knew anything about the location of these records or knew of anyone that did, to please let him know. Thank You: Mayor Pierce thanked Mrs. Kitty Green, Mrs. Mary Magruder and Mrs. Alice Cheeks for helping to put together the Town Newsletter. Town Web Page: Mayor Pierce stated that the Town’s Web Page is being kept up-to-date. So if you would like information on what is going on around town, check out the Web Page. Long Range Planning Meeting: Mayor Pierce stated that the Council had a long range- planning meeting on January 16, 2001. There were a lot of ideas thrown out at the meeting. A follow up meeting would be held February 18, 2002 at 6:00 p.m. Mayor Pierce stated that there would be a short recess for cake and punch and then it would continue with the Water Task Force.
The Monthly Town Council Meeting reconvened at 8:17 p.m. with the Water Task Force present.
Utility Service Company: Mr. Russ Brown gave a presentation on refurbishing the water tank. He stated that his company was a full water service. He stated that his company would come in and drain the water tank, inspect the inside and decide what needed to be done to fix it up. Mr. Jack Coe was asked as to whether if the other water services for the Town would be sufficient is the tank was drained. He stated that the current water system would not be able to supply the town adequately while the tank is being drained. It was advised to the Council that this not be done at this time by the Water Task Force.
Water Task Force: Mayor Pierce stated that Mr. Ned Cueman, a member of the Water Task Force, has made a list of the priorities of the Town of New Windsor’s Water and Sewer system. This list shows what needs to be done to the Towns system. He would present this to the Council at the March 18, 2002 work session.
Booster Pump System:  Mr. Joe Moss, the Town’s Engineer, stated that the proposal by Mr. Schneider did not cover all the elements stated in the Comprehensive Plan. He felt that it would be in the best interest of the Town to stay consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. Mr. Mel Schneider ask if Mr. Joe Moss could send new spec. to him which would be paid for by Blue Ridge Manor/New Windsor Heights.
Adjournment: With no other business to be brought before the Town Council, the meeting was adjourned at 9:40 p.m.
Next Town Meeting: The next New Windsor Town Council Meeting will be held March 6, 2002 at 7:00 p.m. in the New Windsor Fire Hall, 209 High Street.
Cindy L. Welker
Town Clerk

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