New Windsor may not be the biggest town in Maryland, in fact, we're pretty certain that it's one of the smallest in the area, but that doesn't change the fact that it has a very long history. Settled just after the Revolutionary War, the area quickly developed and by the end of the next century was very well-established as a major resort area, particularly well-known for its healing spring water. 

And, yes, we know that there are other sites around town, such as the one by the town itself and another for the Heritage Committee, but neither of those does what I want to do here - to provide a place where townsfolk can share about our little town - whether it's old photographs or family history or just bits of gossip! 

If you've got a box full of old photos from around the area, I'd love to see them, and possibly put them up for others to enjoy as well - and, of course, give you full credit for being the source. Drop me a line through our contact form and I'll set up a time when we can meet!


It's Just A Little Town...

We've got a lot of history though and I think it would be really neat if some of that history made it out of the closet and attic and into the light of day!

To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, I've got a bunch of old obituaries from New Windsor that I've collected that I'll be posting here ( as soon as I make a section for that kind of thing). And no doubt you will have noticed that there are lots of photos of buildings around town.. though I'd love to be able to post some OLD photos of some of these places...

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  • Dielman Inn
  • German Baptist Church
  • Old Saddlery
  • Peter Baile House
  • Henry Geatty House
  • James Atlee House
  • Frank J. Devilbiss House
  • Ark Store
  • First Bank Site
  • Anders House
  • New Windsor Museum
  • E. Clarence Ensor House
  • Daniel Stouffer House
  • Buckey-Bixler House
  • Smelser-Combass House
  • Deborah Baile House
  • Jonas Ecker House
  • Clyfford Still House
  • Jacob Leppo House
  • Young Ladies Academy
  • Samuel Hoffman House
  • Joseph A. Stouffer House
  • Abner Baile House
  • Old Creamery
  • Windsor Hotel
  • Manse / Kleefisch School
  • Brethren Service Center
  • Town Park
  • New Windsor State Bank
  • Brownie's Corner
  • Maynard / Jones House
  • Log Under Sotne House
  • Atlee House
  • Spring House
  • Bloom House
  • Presbyterian Church
  • Hattie Ecker House
  • Roops Grocery
  • Odd Fellows / Hardware Store
  • St. Paul's Methodist

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